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Opt For Cloud-Based Voip System For Seamless Communication

A cloud-based VoIP system is a business telephone platform hosted by a third party provider. It is also known as hosted PBX. Cloud-based telephony systems come with advanced features like conference bridges, extension dialing and auto attendants. The main benefit of choosing this phone system is that it is cost effective and saves time related to upgrades, security and configuration. It is easy to use because administrative portals are offered so that changes can be made by any team members. Since it is hosted on the internet, it allows remote workers to register their phone from any location. Unlike traditional phone system, it eliminates the use of complex cables. It falls under the category of operational expenditure and not a capital one.

Meet the Pioneers

Bar360 offers cloud-based VoIP system as a third party service provider to both startups and established business. We focus on providing calling features that allow people to communicate in a work environment. It helps organizations to save resources, streamline processes, and support remote workers. At Bar360, we make use of the power of high-speed internet and advanced technology in order to provide a reliable means of communication at affordable rates.

Cloud-Based VoIP Services

Following are the types of Cloud-Based VoIP Services offered by Bar 360

  • Integrated access
  • SIP trunks
  • Managed IP PBX
  • Hosted IP PBX

Why choose us?

At Bar360, we offer cloud based VoIP system that requires lesser installation cost. For a Bar360 hosted VoIP system, there are even cases where no installation cost is required. As we take care of total set-up and installation, no expertise is required from your side for accurate functioning of cloud-based VoIP. In addition, making calls will be cheaper as well as feature rich compared to landlines telephones.


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