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Reduce Workload Challenges With Cloud Migration Services

The process of transferring data, applications and other business elements to a cloud computing infrastructure is known as cloud migration. An organization can carry out various types of cloud migrations such as public cloud and cloud-to-cloud migration. It has changed the way organizations used to scale, process and manage the applications to obtain insights from data. The main aim of cloud migration is to host applications and data in an efficient IT environment depending on factors like performance, cost and safety. It is necessary to fulfill the gap between business demand and IT capacity. For an organization, the benefits of cloud migration include scalability, security, cost-effectiveness and accelerated adoption.

What we offer

The cloud migration solutions offered by Bar360 reduce risk and maximize efficiency resulting in growth of the business. Till date, we have helped a number of organizations to migrate to cloud and reduce IT cost, improve productivity, business agility and operational resiliency. Our services enable you to move infrastructure, applications and business processes to cloud, so that the infrastructure is freed. Our cloud migration services allow you to identify areas of risk as well as opportunities to improve performance.

Migration services

  • Application migration
  • Infrastructure migration
  • Platform migration
  • Data migration

Why choose us?

Sometimes cloud migrations are quite complicated and it is something more than just moving data. We have the experience of leading hundreds of cloud migrations successfully. With years of experience, we have successfully constructed a proven approach for migrating to cloud. This helps you to achieve your business goals much faster and make you confident. We make sure that it is done fast without any interruption thereby enabling you to reduce cost, automate and make use of the data. In addition, we provide you the necessary support before, during and following migration to cloud.


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