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The presence of a company in the online sector has now become a necessity for good business. The veteran companies have already marked their presence on their own website, and the use of the internet and different search engines have made the reach to a company a very easy matter. However, for getting the best response and to present important and critical documents to the employees, business stakeholders and customers, a set of definite course and approaches, are required for a trade to efficiently acquire, consolidate, store and deliver critical information. For that purpose, you can hire us, the team at BAR360, for looking after the content and providing you an all-around enterprise Content Management Services as and when required.


Our approach and reach in ECM covers the essential grounds of the maturation of the information. We excel in document management, automation of processes and workflows and thereby we can promise our clients the best product and the finest result. We know that for a large volume of enterprise content, a definite management plan is required. Our platforms are designed to eliminate effective disorganizations and diminish costs. Adherence to regulatory compliances is important and our workforce is trained to give the best output within the regulation limits. They are quite well-accustomed to edit and present cohesive records, research reports, invoices and such documents to the clients. Options of an interface to view and edit information by the clients are also available.


Our service menu does not end here. We, at the BAR360, provide the best examples of enterprise content management. Our team can also integrate the ECM platform into the present business architecture, and give you streamlined access, remove holdups by reducing storage, optimize security, sustain integrity and minimize costs with our most apt enterprise Content Management Services. 

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  • OpenText Document View
  • Appworks server
  • Mobility solution

xECM Integration

  • Salesforce
  • Tempo Box
  • SharePoint  / O365
  • Active Directory


  • Workflow, Smart UI
  • File Plans
  • Records Management

Managed Services

  • Application Management Support


  • Legacy Sources
  • Map data & Metadata
  • Content Services Platforms