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Email Server Maintenance Service For Smooth Functioning of Email Servers

An email server plays the role of a friendly neighborhood mailman. It is a computer within a network that works like a virtual post office. The main purpose of an email server is to store incoming mail for distribution to local users and send outgoing messages using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP. Email servers have Mail Transfer Agent or MTA functions and mail is exchanged between email servers using special software.

Why email servers are important?

Email servers enable businesses to carry out internal communication between employees and external communication with customers. An email server is made up of a number of software components each having a specific purpose. However, running an email server may be challenging. The tricky part involves setting up of the software, filtering spam and keeps everything running smoothly. In such circumstances you can consider going for a third-party email server maintenance service. Regular email server maintenance reduces your downtime

  • Introducing the leadersBar360 is a reliable and affordable email server maintenance company taking care of maintenance, hosting and troubleshooting when problems arise. It is necessary to maintain email servers as it holds crucial information. However, you can be worry free regarding the difficulty of maintaining an email server when you avail our services. An email server requires maintenance from time to time to prevent server environment failure and keep them running. We resolve all queries that come up with email servers and this allows you to focus on your core business.

Why choose us?

The premier reason is that we never fail to keep track and take the backup of the important client data. Usually, we store these data in our most secure and cloud-based servers, so that the clients with the right credentials can easily get access. To ensure that the data is not doctored in any way, we encrypt it at the time of storage. We have the power to restore the clients’ data in a snap with our extraordinary systems.


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