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Protect Your Main Network With Guest WiFi Solution

The main function of a guest WiFi is to provide guests in your organization or home access to the internet without sharing your primary password. Sharing your primary password gives your guest access to everything on your main network.

Why you need Guest Wi-Fi

However, creating a guest WiFi network is a solution to this problem as it connects your guests with internet. It keeps your files, data and personal information safe and at the same time your guests can also connect to the internet, surf, check mails and stream. Guest WiFi solutions provide your primary home network and computers additional layer of security in case your guests bring an infected device. Furthermore, connecting your smart home devices to the guest network gives limited access to available data to the hacker in case the smart home products get hacked.

Who are we?

Bar360 is a leading provider of Guest WiFi Solution and this feature-rich guest WiFi management software satisfies your guests. Our guest WiFi solution helps to manage your WiFi and redirects the guest to sign-in various ways. It helps to build your brand by marketing your product with video ads which gets displayed with every login and save time and money on marketing. It is customer friendly, promotes customer loyalty and helps you to stay connected even when they are not present.

Why choose us?

We at Bar360 provide a secure guest WiFi solution in your organization that is separate from your primary wireless setup. Our guest WiFi network works on any devices like laptop, smartphone, tablet and on any platform like windows, iOS, Android and Blackberry. It provides guest with fast and secure WiFi access without any password. It makes management of guest WiFi simple and reduces operational expenditures without compromising sensitive data.


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