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Manage Remote Infrastructures With Remote Access And Management Solution

The ability to access a computer or a network from a remote location via a network connection is referred to as remote access. It allows users to access the systems even when they do not connect physically. It is particularly useful to people who travel most of the time and need to access their company’s system and organizations having several branch offices. Although branch offices are a positive sign of an organization’s growth but managing them is a challenge. Managing remote offices involves repairing of items like servers, switches, routers, firewalls, and WAN optimizers. However, with remote access and management, everything can be managed at the remote sites including systems, networking equipments, applications, security cameras, smoke alarms, door sensors, and power supplies.

Meet The Pioneers

BAR360 is a leading provider of remote access and management solution as we offer full-functional remote PC management platforms and enhanced user experience. We implement various types of remote access and management solutions for a number of desktop and mobile platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and Mac OS. Our solutions will enable you to monitor, manage, and troubleshoot all remote and local infrastructures even when there is no network. Since the management solution is centralized, it ensures uninterrupted availability for remote workers. We take remote access and management to a new level.

Why Choose Us?

Our team of professional software architects has a deep understanding of network communication and OS functions. We follow the latest technologies and trends in remote access and protect your network from costly downtime. Developing remote access and management solution is not an easy task and needs specialized process design and customization of protocols. We have the necessary skills and knowledge to develop the remote access and management solution that you are looking for.


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