DATA Driven approach

Data is the oxygen, life cycle of any enterprise evolves around DATA. By integrating various data sources we can build a visual development platform for creating analytical applications, putting the power of DATA driven application development in the hands of your analysts. Analysts can then develop, deploy and iterate on powerful apps faster than ever before, so insights can be woven into every single operational process throughout the enterprise.

With the collaboration of business SME’s, we can achieve a single set of data, which can answer the questions arising from different operational aspects of the business process and help SME’s in not only resolving the issues but also prevent these issues for future and rise the operations to new service levels. This can not only find more insights, but the results-set of DATA will be consistent across the business, contributing to accurate decisions.

It is a known fact that Innovation happens best in Collaboration not in isolation, the same applies to DATA in an enterprise. We can assist you in encapsulating 360 degrees view of your enterprise DATA, Discover the trending analytical insights and present them squarely into the hands of business decision makers.

DATA Acquisition to DATA Analytics, achieving 360-degree view of a business

Adapting to fast-paced changing business needs is the key to any business success. In today’s lightning fast, socially collaborated society where businesses have to respond quickly to the growing needs or opportunities, speed makes all the difference – answers need to be provided fast!

Any data can be valuable, the definition of “valuable” data varies, depending on what the business need is, the cost of data is often higher than the incremental value it can provide. Veracity plays a BIG role in Data quality, hence it is influenced by how the data is acquired and managed; it varies significantly from business to business.

However, the Data Quality dimensions (common ones being Timeliness, Uniqueness, Validity, Accuracy, Consistency, and Completeness) based on which businesses measures assess and quantify are same. This is why Quality Data becomes a priority.

Whether it is Data acquisition or Data migration, Data quality principles come first. The goal of every business is to provide consistent DATA across the organisation, so every user will be able to get the same Insights across the board. A common goal we often come across while speaking to businesses is having a single source / version of the DATA

Analytics is an iterative journey, providing a capability to quickly detect patterns, anomalies, outliers and trends in your business. Enabling a full spectrum of capabilities for real-time visibility across any data streams. Detecting or predicting conditions that indicate an onset of critical compliance or security breach within your applications / services and present them squarely into the hands of business decision makers to react to the situations.

This drives the need for DATA platforms to be fully integrated as well, to not only cater needs of various business but also for varying data sets for mining insights. Every cycle of iteration drives insights in driving process efficiencies, the implementation of these process changes drivers and leads to discovery of new green fields some perish and some prevail.

In my view, DATA is the oxygen for a healthy functioning of any business.

What really is BI?

Business Intelligence (BI) answers the questions you never thought you know about your organisation.

By not using the BI, businesses spend most of their time on task that provide little to no value.

Businesses of all sizes benefit from BI, you gain competitive advantage by quickly and cost effectively through the BI platform.

BI uses raw data and transforms them into actionable business insights, so you can make calculated decisions that can improve your business. for example you analyse supply chain and sales information that can assist you with strategic planning.

You will get answers to common questions like:

  1. What is our actual vs target sales performance?
  2. What is our customer conversion rate?
  3. What is the customer affinity to their products?
  4. What is our product strike rate?
  5. Which are our top and bottom selling products?
  6. Which are our top product by margin?
  7. Which are our best performing brands?
  8. Which are our top profitable locations?
  9. Which are our profitable customer segments?
  10. Which marketing promotions have worked?

BI helps you make informed strategic tactical operational decisions, defining business goals, objectives and policies.

Why don’t businesses embark on BI projects?

Most businesses find it difficult to make the financial investment in technology and human resources required to build the BI solution.

It’s not all about technology, BI involves people process tools and applications that help you organise and enable access to data and analyse information.

When you adopt BI, you would spend more time on high-value tasks that enhance your business. BI enables you to make informed decisions, monitor business performance and increase revenue.

Contact us for your BI evaluation driving your business insights.

Digital and Data

Analytics has become a key driver for enterprise in today’s world, the digital platforms have enabled enterprises to capture data in all #varieties and more importantly in #BIG #volumes. The #veracity of the data is now captured from mobile apps, sensors, IoT devices and more to make it very attractive for analytics to provide useful insights into driving the business value.

Data has taken the lead and evolved tremendously over the years, largely because technology has enabled it to reach at a much faster pace and at lower costs. Businesses are able to understand the consumer better. The window of opportunity to upsell and cross-sell has stretched to the very last second and reaching out to the consumer from the other side of the world has become easy.

Whether it is the segmentation or sentimental or behavioural analysis, data can deliver the smarts needed by the businesses in making decisions faster and adapt to the changing needs of the consumer.

Consumers (both who publish and subscribe) of data are winning in all directions. First and the foremost role that data plays in helping the consumer make an informed decision with all the information available at their fingertips, though in the background we have to run many algorithms and process loads of data in finding that piece of information which they need.

However, if we benefit a consumer, the learning from that insight can drive in understanding a whole segment or industry. Finally, I want to leave you with the thought of “recycling data” If where to say that “recycling” is good for the environment, in the data world, the idea of recycling is gold. It plays a very big role in data mining, it benefits in recommendations engine or paves the path in predictions. Data plays a lead role to take a step further in identifying newer opportunities and driving value-added services to the end consumer.

More on the journey in the next article, however in the meanwhile, if you are embarking on the journey of analytics, then do please reach out to us. At BAR360, We are more than happy to catch up and give you our 2 cents about it.

Raising the BAR in Information and Technology services

As organisations grow organically, one of the most commonly encountered scenario is that the IT requirements become more complex, demanding and costly. Eventually, a full-time office IT manager is required to address the IT needs of the team. However, many small businesses simply cannot justify the cost of employing a full-time well experienced and qualified resource to maintain a good quality IT service. If a business is seasonal, the problems are multi-fold.

Many firms choose to outsource their IT services to a professional third party IT services partner, to reduce IT costs and benefit from the supplier’s technology, knowledge and expertise, but often they are charged with surprises and it eventually becomes a nightmare to manage and sustain.


We can help you balance the act of support vs expertise, on-site vs off-site, in-source vs out-source. We inject agility and flexibility into your business by delivering IT support services that encompass the network, data center, cloud services, end-user support and server maintenance. We have extensive industry expertise across technology domains and our team is Australian-based. We provide 24/7 support; when you need it and where you need it! We run and manage a full service desk function on your behalf, catering for all your end-user needs.

Our philosophy is guided by a “One Team Approach” to allow for transparency and quicker problem resolution through better collaboration and communication.


We support the hardware and software of your end users’ desktop environment, including printers and other devices connected to it. we support the physical printing device itself as well as all printer-based services across a network.

We provide elevated and expanded services while driving efficiency through standardisation, systems, tools and processes. Our services cover a combination of all IT services, Application Services, Software and Hardware “Support as a Service”. Our integrated approach drives effectiveness and efficiency, and therefore, delivers business value.

BAR360 is an Australian niche DATA and Infrastructure consultancy, we give our clients the freedom to focus on their core business without getting bogged down by the day-to-day technology issues. We strive to increase the productivity of our clients.

We managed IT services are pro-active because corrective actions are based on Data that is collected continuously from Routers, switches, servers, hardware, software, operating systems, applications, virtualised environments, websites, email servers, databases, VOIP, etc. We top up our services with on-site support, relocation services, Business Continuity Planning (BCP) / Disaster Recovery (DR) and migration to the private or public cloud.

DoTalk, SP Jain School of Management and Postnet Sydney CBD are some of our esteemed clients who are enjoying a right-sourced model. If this sounds too hard to believe, give us a call and we are happy to provide client references, so you can hear directly from them.

We strive to raise the “BAR” of information and technology services.

Embedded Data Visualisation and Reporting – BIRT Basics and Architecture


BIRT – a new generation of embeddable DATA visualisation and reporting technology.

  • Makes data-driven content development easy
  • Modern, web-page design metaphor
  • Open and standards-based
  • Flexible with rich programmatic control
  • Full support for libraries and reuse
  • Foundation for a range of solutions

Most applications have some type of data visualization need. Problems are easy, but real-world data visualization is challenging:
–Gather the data
–Perform calculations, sort, group, aggregate, total, etc.
–Present information professionally
Meeting user demand is crucial to the success of an application.

Key BIRT Capabilities 

Very Simple to Very Complex Layouts

  • Listings, cross-tab, dashboard, pixel-perfect, charts
  • Grouping, advanced aggregations, sub-totals, calculations
  • Multi-section and sub-reports
  • Conditional sections and logic
  • Full programmatic control/scripting
  • Embedded images

Comprehensive Big Data Access

  • SQL and BIG SQL databases, Web Services, Flat Files, HADOOP, XML, scripted data sources
  • Multiple data sources in one design
  • Re-use and Developer Productivity
  • Library support for publishing and sharing components
  • Leverages common standards SQL, HTML, JavaScript, Java, XML
  • Cascading Style Sheets
  • Built-in debugger
  • Interactivity and Linking
  • Data-driven hyperlinks
  • Drill-through charts and graphics

Multiple Usage and Productivity Aids

  • Graphical layout and design
  • Query and metadata editors
  • Formatting Builder
  • Grouping Builder
  • Customizable cheat sheets and templates

Finally Output Formats

  • HTML, PDF, Excel, Word, PowerPoint
  • Internationalization of labels and text
  • Bi-directional language display

BIRT Summary: A New Generation of Embeddable Data Visualization Technology

  • Top-level open source Eclipse project
  • Free with commercial friendly license
  • Powerful, extensible data visualization technology
  • Easy-to-use, web-centric design metaphor
  • Very active community with more than 12 million downloads
  • Actuate extends and complements BIRT with value-added technology

Eclipse Demo Camp

We have been successful again organising an Eclipse Demo Camp. Thanks to all participants for joining us.

Welcome – Marc Faggion, Technical Leader, CISCO
Introduction – Sai Paravastu – Carrington Associates
Extending Eclipse Report Framework – Qiangsheng Wang – CISCO
Effective Data Visualizations – Mica Block, Director – OpenText Analytics
Afternoon Tea
BIRT and BIG Data (Hortonworks Hadoop Demo) – Sai Paravastu
Open Forum and Discussions
Q & A – Networking

This is an official Eclipse Foundation event check out Eclipse wiki page 

Australian Computer Society (ACS)

Actuate now OpenText published this event too and we had a very special guest speaker from Actuate Mica Block who flew in from New York to Sydney.

Thanks to CISCO for hosting the event this year.